We are offering a FREE FOR LIFE pickup ordering system to help during these difficult times. Prepay for pickup without cash or credit swipes. No commission, no fees forever. Sign Up or Contact Us for details. Be healthy and stay strong, Los Angeles!


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Dine with friends

Dine With Friends

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Order and Pay

Instantly purchase menu items from your phone

Order and Pay

Leave Anytime

Pay as you order so you’re free to go - there is no more bill to split!

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Why Order For Me?

Multi-Restaurant Platform

The same, easy to use interface at any restaurant. And your same payment method, so you don’t have to input more than once.

On-Demand Ordering

Don’t wait for anyone - order what you want, whenever you want it.

Split Items

Split the cost of an item equally with anyone else logged into the table. It’s always fair.

Pay For You

Pay as you go, so there is no bill to split at the end of the meal. No more “equal splits” and no more waiting.

Leave Any Time

There’s no bill to wait for, and you pay as you order. Let everyone else stay to see a dessert menu while you hit the road.

Simplified Payments

Don't worry about cash or card. Integration with stripe allows simple and smooth payment processing once you leave the table

Our Partners

Proud official partner of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Round up your total and donate to those in need.