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The way people interact has changed for good. We have new expectations. We want mobile conveniences, tapping our own phones to do things faster, better and, now, safer.

We don’t have to explain the problem we’re addressing with Order For Me, you already know it. If you’ve ever dined out and asked yourself why you can’t order and pay on your phone, you’re already part of the club.

Someone had to build the solution for people like us, so we did it. We’re open-tab and on-demand. When you want your first drink? Send it. Fancy an appetizer? Send it. Entree in 20 minutes? Send it. Then tip and pay when you’re ready to leave.

We will revolutionize the sit-down dining experience by working for you, our community of Senders. We want it now, we want it fast, and we want it with the tap of a button. With your support we will continue to grow, and someday, we’ll forget that a group bill was ever a thing.


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Michael Jordan

Founder and CEO

Michael graduated with a BA in Fine Art, and let his passion for side-hustles and night-projects guide him into tech. In 2010, wanting to play a fantasy sports game for professional surfing, he decided to build Fantasurf. Over the next 6 years developing it, he also founded Surf-Stats, a surfing statistics blog and eventually predictive analytics SaaS product for predictive analytics. Both were acquired in 2016, Fantasurf as an acquisition-hire by the World Surf League in Santa Monica. He worked on their digital team for four years, building Order For Me during late nights in the final year. By August, 2019 he had completed a beta testing period, and set out to change the way dining out was done.

Constantly thinking of digital solutions for common problems, Michael spends hours reflecting on technology trends and drafting business plans for new ideas. He had dreamed of Order For Me for a long time before there was a business case to be made - why restaurants would be motivated to adopt a new operation. As soon as labor costs were expected to force the adoption of counter-service by full service restaurants, he knew he could help, and that the time was now.

Michael is an energetic champion of convenience, and tenacious in his approach to accomplish what he sets out to do. He enjoys family time, surfing, PoolsideFM, and the Micheladas at Ashland Hill.

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Greg Daniels

Founder and Chief Executive Chef

Greg is a lifelong culinary visionary. As the co-founder of Order For Me, Greg brings an extensive knowledge and background of the restaurant industry to the platform. His first-hand experience and understanding of how customers and the kitchen communicate helped define and develop Order For Me.

Greg attended the International Culinary Center and where he learned classic French technique, leading him to a position at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Perry St, a fine dining restaurant in New York City’s West Village. After working as sous chef for two years, he made his way to the west coast where he joined the Reiss Company as executive chef to oversee the culinary concepts for both new and existing restaurants in the company’s portfolio. He spent another few years overseeing Santa Monica restaurant group, On The Verge Hospitality, before eventually reuniting with the Jean-Georges team as Chef de Cuisine for the highly-anticipated opening of Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

More recently, Greg was welcomed back to On The Verge Hospitality as the Executive Chef at the Golden Bull. It is here where he was introduced to the touchless online ordering platform, Order For Me, and began his partnership with founder, Michael Jordan. With Greg’s impressive experience in food and beverage and Michael’s expertise in technology and digital product development, the pair’s diverse skill set brings unique, complementary perspectives to the successful startup, Order For Me


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